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about Flora + Dean

My name is Sal Pavia and I am the founder of Flora + Dean a Boutique Floral Studio. For over a decade I was a professional actor and had the great fortune of touring the nation as a Performer, Director, and Choreographer. When the pandemic hit, my career came to a halt, while simultaneously finding out from my wife Kaitlyn, that I was becoming a dad! In hopes of continuing to contribute to my now growing family, I began selling flower arrangements from my kitchen. Fast forward a few years and floral design has become my focus and future.

Theatre has fostered my love for creativity and has lent itself beautifully to curating stunning events that shares a couple's love story.  

Events are very similar to shows. There's hundreds of moving parts behind the scenes that your audience never sees. And similar to the expectation of a director, all any host can wish for is that their guests have an amazing experience and leave with an unforgettable feeling of joy and happiness.


At Flora + Dean it is our mission to help make your celebration a hit.


the big question: Who is Flora and Dean?

the two incredible people who inspired the name of my company 

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